Will Apple rectify the flaw in its latest iPad


When Zack Nelson, a gadget reviewer literally bend Apple’s iPad in half, people started to freak out and several questions were raised regarding Apple’s performance. Zack Nelson also said to the viewers that the latest iPad of Apple seems to have a flaw. Zack also called Apple’s iPad a weakling.

In relation to Zack’s review, one of Apple’s concerning authorities reacted back. The concerning official of Apple told the reporters that the bending will not hinder the performance of the gadget. Apple’s personnel further told the news agency that the bending has occurred due to devices’ manufacturing and wouldn’t affect its flagship in the future.

Will Apple rectify the flaw in its latest iPad
Will Apple rectify the flaw in its latest iPad

According to the concerning official the flaw had taken place due to the cooling process in the device due to which the device is made up of plastic and aluminum. Furthermore, the officials also told the reporters that since the iPads are made thinner, thus it also has contributed towards devices’ bending process. The issue is basically seen in the iPads of 11 and 12.9 inched models.

On the contrary, the pictures of bend iPads usually have tremendous bending signs right at the microphone holes. This has caused hype among the fans and they are calling latest iPads of Apple as the weakest. Furthermore, Apple has added another twist in the matter while making a public statement that it has received above-average rate of return for its new iPad Pro devices.

At present, it is still unclear whether the devices which are offered by Apple are entitled to get replaced or users can ask for the claim from the mobile giant. At present, it is unclear whether the mobile giant will make its new iPad a little bit thicker in future to prevent it’s bending which has created hot fuss among its users.


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