Apple made a promise to resolve the patent issues in China

During earlier weeks of December 2018, China puts a ban on Qualcomm for importing certain iPhones into the country. The step was taken by China due to some patent infringement issues. Later, this week Apple made a public announcement in which a concerned person told media personnel that the company would release an update for iPhones’ software. The concerning authority also told the press that this step will resolve the issue and that the software will be released for public use within a week.

Making it clearer Apple told the media that they are planning to release the software for those devices which are affected. This step is expected to take care of the two patent issues which are tarnishing the company’s image at large. Furthermore, Qualcomm told the media that due to the Chinese government’s action in this regard would completely ban sales of iPhone in China.

Apple made a promise to resolve the patent issues in China
Apple made a promise to resolve the patent issues in China

At the starting of this week, Apple made a public statement in which a concerning authority addressed the media and told that all of its iPhones would be available for the Chinese customers as they used to be. Basically, the ban put by the Chinese government was made on two iOS models which are about pre-iOS 12. On the evening of December 13th, 2018, news channel Bloomberg provided news in regard to Apple’s filing.

According to Apple’s filing, it would cost the company near about million dollars of loss everyday if its iPhones were banned by the Chinese government. In the filing, it was also written that such a step would affect Chinese citizens who like to purchase iPhones and other services of the company. The report also reads that the ban will also hurt suppliers and local manufacturing companies in China.

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