Apple’s Latest Software Updates Have Become A Hot Topic Of Controversy

Within two weeks gap, Apple launched two significant operating system updates for its mobile phones. Updates which are introduced by the mobile giant have given several dynamic changes to its platform which is helping their millions of users to operate the system with ease.

On December 17th, 2018, Apple introduced its second iOS 12.1.2 update to users across the globe. This up-gradation is helping users to active e-sim on their several mobile devices viz. XR, XS and XS Max.

Apple's Latest Software Updates Have Become A Hot Topic Of Controversy
Apple’s Latest Software Updates Have Become A Hot Topic Of Controversy

The latest update also fixes the issue of cellphone and turnkey connectivity in advance; in mobile phones designed by Apple in 2018. According to Apple’s concerning authority they’ve given two updates in a short time of span just to make sure that their users could fix several bug and connectivity issues. Furthermore, Apple’s recent updates are also creating hype in the media and among its fans.

According to one of the news agencies, people are linking Apple’s present endeavor to the Qualcomm issue which it had faced in China last week. Last week China banned the export of most of Apple’s iPhones in the country after patent issues. Addressing the Chinese government, Apple had made a promise to resolve the issue as soon as possible so that its users don’t have to face any problem on behalf of the company.

Basically, the issue had taken place in image formatting and application management which got resolved by Apple’s latest update. Back then Apple has also pleaded the Chinese court that they should give them time to fix the issues or the company has to suffer from the great loss.

Furthermore, it is very easy to update your device with the latest version of the operating system you just have to open Settings, go to General option and click on to the Software Update button. The rest will be taken care by the phone itself.

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