Apple’s iPhone Secret Is Creating Several Questions


Apple releases a problematic secret of Apple’s iPhone stating that its battery slows down at a steady rate. According to Mark Moskowitz, Apple’s sale would diminish within a few months as the company believes that the product can be refreshed and work well just by modifying the battery. Some news also states that the company is decreasing the cost of battery modification and replacement from $79 to $29.

As per Barclay’s opinion, there will be around 77% of iPhone users that will accept the offer of the battery replacement. However, as the backup plan, he also thinks that at least 10% of the people would modify it. Hence, generating an income of around $1.56BN in total.

Apple's iPhone Secret Is Creating Several Questions
Apple’s iPhone Secret Is Creating Several Questions

According to the user’s review, Apple’s iPhone battery is creating severe issues. Some of them also stated that their battery does not last for more than an hour even after not using any application on the device. Apart from the slow down battery speed problem, the users are facing other issues as well. Some of them are:

  • Multiple additional problems like repeated restarts
  • CarPlay dropouts
  • Disconnected Wi-Fi
  • Multitasking errors
  • Reduced speaker volume
  • Disabling the Camera Flash
  • Dimmed displays

This continual upgrade is not only harming the brand and the reputation of the company but also affecting the long-term sales of the device. According to recent researches, the reports states that the company is making unnecessary updates which may not correct the error.

Apple claimed that it will fix the bug and also improve the visibility of the devices in order to help users to work on the device for a long time. The company also made a statement that is “we will never forget your faith and support or take it for granted”. However, Apple never fixed the problem.


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