Apple To Issue Fixes For iPhones, Macs At Risk From Spectre Chip Flaw

On Jan 4, the statement was released regarding the development of patch in iPhones, iPads, and Macs. On Jan 3, various researchers observed that the Apple devices were affected by the two security chip flaws including:

  • Meltdown flow that strikes the Intel Corp and chips
  • Another one is Spectre striking all the chips

Due to the flawed chips, several devices got hacked by the hackers and the efficiency of the mobile’s speed reduced to a great extent. A large number of iPhone and iPad users issued their complaints about the matter. However, the company and the cybersecurity did not give any answers regarding the same.

Apple To Issue Fixes For iPhones, Macs At Risk From Spectre Chip Flaw
Apple To Issue Fixes For iPhones, Macs At Risk From Spectre Chip Flaw

Although both the flaws (Meltdown and Spectre) affects diverse devices including Apple, iOS, MAC, and much more, the Spectre has a probably greater effect than the latter. According to the user’s statements and reviews, Meltdown does not decrease the speed of their phones and also, do not strike the Apple Watch. Running a specific code on the web, the iPhones and Mac get exposed and weak to the Spectre Chip.

After the release of this news, Google and Microsoft informed people about the devices that got affected due to these two severe chip flaws. Google also stated that about 80-85% of the people who have access to the latest security are not at all the bearers.

Surprisingly, Apple did not give any statement regarding the correction of the error for one day. Ben Johnson (co-founder of cyber security) mentioned that the silence of Apple about the matter can diminish the business of the device and users. The Company claims that it would sort out the issue by developing a patch for browsers for the iPhone, iPad, and Macs users in a short period of time.

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