Amazon’s Brand New Equalizer Function for the Echo

Amazon has introduced an Equalizer function (EQ) to its Echo Speakers. It will help you to modify the way in which your music sounds when it’s played. You can modify the bass, treble, and midrange individually within the range of plus or minus 6dB. Users can control the simple three-band (bass, mid-range, and treble) EQ through voice commands.

After being introduced you can adjust the EQ by asking Alexa or you can do it manually through Alexa app. You can change the EQ by the help of following commands like “Alexa, turn up the bass“, “Alexa, set the treble to the maximum” and “Alexa, reset the equalizer“.

Amazon's Brand New Equalizer Function for the Echo
Amazon’s Brand New Equalizer Function for the Echo

Once the equalizer is adjusted, all the genre of music will play as per the parameters that you have already set unless you change them.

The new feature will be available on the following devices:

  • Echo (1st and 2nd generations)
  • Echo Dot (1st and 2nd generations)
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Spot

In Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can adjust the equalizers in settings right on the device.

The developers of the third-party smart speakers or other devices that use Alexa or any other virtual assistants will also be able to build EQ into their products.

Getting an equalizer in echo speakers will give you more control over how your music sounds.

Some of Alexa’s abilities include

  • Adjusting the amount of bass.
  • Adjusting the amount of bass in specific rooms around the house.
  • Adjusting the treble levels
  • Adjusting the equalizer on specific devices
  • Swapping between various “modes” such as night mode, movie mode, and so on.

This is a cool feature given that with different genres of music you might enjoy different equalizer settings. If you own any Amazon speakers it’s good to go along with any of the third party speakers that have Alexa baked into them.

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