Amazon Echo Speakers – Play Apple iTunes!

Apple company made its music supportable on Amazon Echo Speakers’ way ahead of the expected date, and it has created hype among the music lovers all over the globe. Apple has made the latest feature available for its users at least ten days ahead of the scheduled date. According to one of the concerned person from Apple, the company has allowed the users to listen to music by connecting their accounts just through Alexa application.

After a user linked his or her account on Alexa, he or she could listen to music of their choice by turning Apple’s music streaming facility as the default program. According to the sources, Alexa will get access to several Apple playlists created by the user, and while playing the songs, a user will get a thorough grip over several playback controls.

Apple iTunes with the help of Amazon's Echo Speakers
Apple iTunes with the help of Amazon’s Echo Speakers

Through this application, you can also listen to several radio stations over Echo Speakers. You can download Alexa application for your iOS and Android devices, and it supports various songs streaming apps viz. Spotify, Pandora, etc.

Furthermore, unlike Apple HomePod you won’t be able to play music which you have added manually from a collection. This feature is considered as a setback on which Apple is working at present. According to Werner Goertz Amazon’s and Apple’s joint venture is pure vindication that digitalized facilities are generally being accessed through several devices.

After the facility was being launched Amazon has banned third parties from selling products of Apple on its site. This decision of Amazon has angered many iPhone refurbishing companies who sell their repaired products through Amazon.

Furthermore, both the companies, Amazon and Apple still couldn’t resolve some issues. If you are using HomePod, then you won’t be able to play the music of Amazon, and you won’t be able to find HomePod on Amazon’s site as it is selling its own Echo Speakers.

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