Alexa Skill – Want Some Dating Advice?

You just have to put up a question and it will guide you through an answer. Similar to SIRI app in iPhone although different as it isn’t a dating guide. Ask something and you’ll get your answer. The satisfaction varies from people to people. has launched Alexa Skill which is an innovative idea and is getting popular as soon as it was launched.

The things are to be kept in mind related the first date depends upon two perspectives. The one is whether you are a boy or a girl because emotions vary according to gender. The other depends upon your financial status because that is the thing which will give you the date location and the bill that would be paid.

Alexa Skill - Want Some Dating Advice?
Alexa Skill – Want Some Dating Advice?

What is the application all about?


The developer’s claim that it is based on the 20-years experience of dating and can handle any question for the daters. The application is the summary of the survey conducted by the company in the past seven years that includes thirty-five people as participants.

It can suggest you the places that can give you a consecutive second date as well. The application can suggest you where you can flirt easily, the sign of commitment, general attitude, sign for an agreement for a one-night stand, etc.

The first date advice is helpful or not?

Not really, as the various advice given on situations is impracticable. It is more like an application from which you can take a survey of 30 questions initially. But the answer will differ, it fails to cover some important points such as meaning for consent.

If the application does not get your point

In case of SIRI, if the application does not get your point, it abruptly informs that “I didn’t get you“. But this application has a different take or the proper quotation is baseless humor as it will respond by saying, “LOL“. The makers should make a change to this response as it can frustrate the user if he/she got the same answer in a row.

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