Alexa To Be Full Bloomed On Its Own, Says Amazon


Alexa is an artificial personal assistant which helps you to voice control all your electronic devices connected to it. It is developed by Amazon and first used Amazon Echo smart speakers. The fascinating aspect of Alexa is in terms of proficiency of real-time information i.e. news, providing information about weather, traffic in the nearby areas, setting alarms, music playback, voice interaction, putting reminders, streaming podcasts and playing audiobooks.

In other words or in more précised form, we can say that the working of Alexa is based on the internet and this is an application of ‘Internet of Things’. This device works by communicating in English and German only. Skills can be built and published by the developers who intend to generate new features of the growing technology for Alexa using the Alexa Skills Kit which needs prior confirmation from Amazon first. Adding the skills brings in more capabilities to the user to use the device more frequently.

Alexa To Be Full Bloomed On Its Own, Says Amazon
Alexa To Be Full Bloomed On Its Own, Says Amazon

Amazon is continuously working towards integrations of more and more apps with Alexa to keep it popular amongst customers. Amazon is planning to expand its business by using advanced features of Alexa and further improving its skill set. The skill set on which Alexa is focusing is related to the household functionalities which can be controlled by the apps. However, Amazon has its potential developers for this and it is making Alexa independent and full-fledged economy all on its own.

Amazon has taken another step to help skills developers to make money. Through this, they would be able to build the game-changing feature into their apps. Soon they will be charging money for premium services and features from within their skills. Amazon plans to continue its working for the developers to create a business on Alexa by working in new different ways.

Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store give us the quick results of the newest apps which are available in the store which we search for. But this is not an available feature for this voice-based computing system. On this system, it is hard to search for sieve through new skills by just talking to the smart speaker. Amazon is handling this problem with Alexa suggest skills when anyone asks it to do something out of its potential. Thus, Amazon is helping its way out and making the outcome of the problem befitted into the scenario to be full-fledged on its own.


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