New Adware Discovered By Checkpoint

Google Play Store provides you with the newest and best-rated apps as per your choice. The apps available at the Google Play Store are absolutely free of cost and about 3 million apps are readily available on it. A large number of apps are also downloaded by people on a daily basis.

Since people download the apps and use them, sometimes some advertisements are seen popping up on the screen of the user’s device when he is online. These ads eventually begin downloading, or open a new tab automatically or show some strange message indicating that the device is at risk.

New Adware Discovered By Checkpoint
New Adware Discovered By Checkpoint

You need not to worry about your device! The only thing to be remembered is that advertisement is an adware which in one way or the other harms your device. So, before getting troubled about your device, just close the tab or if not working with this, uninstall and report the app.

Check Point recently revealed a video with the discovery of a new type of malicious adware which is affecting the overall settings on the phone. The malicious software takes control of phones settings and starts showing false notifications.

Even when you download an application from a trusted source it shows that there are problems with the application’s source. This adware is also not allowing the users from removing the advertisement. There is an option available to remove these ads but by clicking that the problem is going to get even worse as the ad will start to extend.

The Adware also hides the application from the notification as well as its icon which makes it even harder task to find the source of the problem. The adware is being dubbed “LightOut” as it usually affects Flashlight applications along with some other applications.

This step has been taken by the researchers at the Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. This adware is expected to be attached to around 4-6 million applications which have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. In the uploaded video, Check Point reveal about what LightOut is and showcased how LightOut works. They have also notified Google of this problem. Although Google has been trying their best with all the security protocols in place but these adware just find ways to get around it.

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