AT&T to revolutionize the world with the help of 5G technology


In one of the latest interview sessions, AT&T had told one of the news agencies that in upcoming weeks the company would turn LTE signal on several mobile sets to 5G E. The LTE signal will be replaced to advance 5G Evolution in cities and towns where people are already using advanced technology viz. MIMO antennas and QAM transmissions. Whereas, people would receive 5G+ signals on their mobile phones if they are using 5G technology for mobile wave frequency.

AT&T also told the agency that during the preliminary phase of %G development only chosen mobile handsets would get the service. The concerned authority of AT&T further told the reporters that the project would pick up its pace from mid-spring of 2019.

AT&T to revolutionize the world with the help of 5G technology
AT&T to revolutionize the world with the help of 5G technology

Previously AT&T had defended 5G technology by saying that it is a very sophisticated technology in comparison to what people are using at the present time. The company personnel further told the reporters saying that the technology needs some time in preliminary development and will be launched when the time is right.

Concerning person of AT&T further told news reporters, that since the technology is in the developing phase thus most of the people would get confused when they don’t get the promised surfing speed.

After the press conference was over, one question still lingered in the mind of several reporters and prospective mobile service users. They questioned that whether their mobile service provider would switch to this new technology or not.

Most of the service providers are still stuck with older versions viz. LTE and they hadn’t even started to work on 5G technology. On the other hand, T-Mobile is still using its similar technology since the year 2016. John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile rebuked AT&T for rebranding their LTE to 5G. Legere also called the initiative of AT&T as a farce.


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