What is 5G? What will change in our lives?


5G networks will be the next generation standard of Mobile Internet Connectivity and will enable higher speeds and more devices to connect successfully.

With this new standard, smartphones and other mobile devices will be able to connect to the internet much better than before. Our phones, watches, homes and cars need a fast connection that does not break. By providing the bandwidth required for all the devices connected to the Internet, you will be able to do the data transfer with the 5G standard in a healthier and faster way.

What is 5G? What will change in our lives?
What is 5G? What will change in our lives?

So What is 5G?

The letter G in 5G means “Generation“. In other words, 5G, which is the 5th generation in wireless internet technology, was aimed to be able to transfer data faster than previous 4G and other mobile networks. In addition, there are differences in issues such as software and interface between each generation.

Will it be faster than 5G, 4G or 4.5G used in our country?

The answer to this question is a huge treat. With a connection provided using 4G LTE, it can transfer 1 Gigabit data per second; In a connection with 5G, it will be possible to provide a data transfer of approximately 10 Gigabit over the same period. Of course, this velocity is the data transfer rate in theory.

In practice, the speed of 5G will also be negatively affected by factors such as buildings, walls, other signals, and probably not as close to the theoretical velocity as 4G. However, it will be much faster than 4G.

It is possible to give the following example to understand the two generations. It will be possible to download a data which is reduced to approximately 1 hour by 4G connection and download it in about 6-8 minutes with a 5G connection under the same conditions.

It is also possible to say that 5G will be ideal for “Internet of Things” technology with its high and high quality data transfer.

Internet of Things – While waiting for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the infrastructure needed to transport large amounts of data will be provided and a smarter, more interconnected world will be in front of us.

Generally 5G Features

  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • Stream more streamlined online content
  • High quality voice and video calls
  • More reliable mobile connections
  • Development of connection of IoT devices
  • Increase in advanced technologies, including autonomous driving cars and smart cities

5G When to use?

For the 5G, trial use began in some countries since the end of 2018. In the coming period, 5G technology, which is expected to be commissioned by telecommunications companies such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the USA, is expected to be provided by the operators in our country in 2020 as in many countries in the world.


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